OREANDA-NEWS. The Social Democratic Party of Germany (SPD) candidate Francisca Gifai will become the first woman to hold the post of mayor of Berlin, according to preliminary data from the elections in which the SPD won in the German capital.

Gifay was nominated by the Berlin branch of the SPD as the leader of the electoral list in the elections to the Berlin House of Representatives and as a candidate for burgomaster. At present, the post of burgomaster in the German capital is occupied by another well-known Social Democrat Michael Müller.

Franziska Gifai served as Germany's Minister for Family Affairs, Senior Citizens, Women and Youth, but has submitted her resignation due to the scandal surrounding her earlier degree from the Free University (FU) Berlin.

As for the results of the elections to the German parliament, the number of Bundestag deputies after the September 26 elections will increase from 709 to 735, six parties will be represented in it, the German CEC reported after counting the results from all constituencies.

The largest faction will be formed by the victorious Social Democrats (SPD) - 206, the CDU / CSU receive 196 seats, the Greens - 118, Free Democrats (FDP) - 92, the Alternative for Germany (ADG) - 83. The Left did not overcome a five percent threshold, but received three direct mandates and, in accordance with the law, received the right to a faction corresponding to 4.9% of the seats in parliament - 39.