OREANDA-NEWS. Illegal migrants from Morocco tried to break through the southern dam into the Spanish semi-enclave of Ceuta at night. Refugees are looking for new ways to cross the border.

In the last 48 hours alone, from 8 to 10 thousand people tried to penetrate the kingdom, the TV channel "Russia 24" reports.

The head of Ceuta called what was happening an invasion, the Spanish government - an aggression against its own borders. Madrid decided to strengthen security on the border with Morocco and sent 200 troops there. In addition, 4,000 refugees were sent back to Morocco over the past day.

Against the background of a new round of the migration crisis, the Moroccan authorities have recalled their ambassador to Spain for consultations.

The route through the Spanish exclave cities of Ceuta and Melilla, located on the African coast, is one of the main routes of migration of Africans to Western Europe. The Spanish authorities do not deport minors, so many illegal immigrants deliberately underestimate their age, trying to find refuge.

To control the flow of refugees along the border with Morocco, a six-meter fence, protected by barbed wire, has been installed. Despite this, migrants sometimes manage to get over the fence. Obstacles in the sea are overcome by swimming.

More and more potential refugees are arriving from the Moroccan side. They explain their attitude simply: they have nothing to lose.

Spain is not ready for such an influx of guests. The authorities of Ceuta, whose population is only 84 thousand people, are asking for help.