OREANDA-NEWS. Forbes has named 15 businessmen who have successfully reversed the notions about  Russia in the world. The list starts with the names of Yuri Milner, Sergei Galitsky, and Pavel Durov. Two Russian women are also included in the list.

Forbes magazine named 15 Russians who were able to make a successful business from scratch and thus reversed the notion about Russia in the world.

The magazine’s list begins with the name of Yuri Milner, “Mail.ru Group” former co-owner and also founder “DST Global” (which is an investment fund). In Forbes list of 2018, Milner occupies 31st line in the list of 200 richest businessmen of Russia, his fortune is $ 3.7 billion. He is called Russia’s most influential visionary stimulating people’s natural craving for exploring the world. Milner, together with Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg, Priscilla Chan, and other co-founders, financed a prize of $ 3 million for successful researchers in biology, physics, mathematics.

Second line belongs to Sergey Galitsky, founder of Russian supermarket chain “Magnit”, his fortune is $ 3.4 billion. In the top three Russian entrepreneurs there is also Pavel Durov, founder of “VKontakte” social network and world-known “Telegram” messenger. Durov also takes 58th place among 200 richest businessmen, his fortune is $ 2.7 billion.

The following twelve businessmen are:

Andrey Andreev - creator of dating service “Badoo” ($2.4 billion);

Oleg Tinkov - head of “Tinkoff Bank” ($2.2 billion);

Valentin Gapontsev - “IPG Photonics” joint owner ($2 billion);

Arkady Volozh - “Yandex” co-founder ($1.4 billion);

Evgeny Kaspersky - creator of “Kaspersky Lab” ($1.3 billion);

Tatyana Bakalchuk - female billionaire, head of “Wildberries”, Russia's largest online store ($1 billion);

Sergey Petrov - “Rolf Group” originator ($1 billion);

Anatoly Krachinsky - “IBS Group” president ($900 million);

Mark Kurtser - BOD chairman of “MD Medical Group”, the chain of clinics “Mother and Baby” ($550 million);

Nikolay Storonsky - co-founder and CEO of the “Revolut” payment service ($550 million);

Natalya Fileva - proprietor of two airlines “Siberia” and “Globus” ($500 million);

David Yan - founder and BOD member of the “ABBYY” company group ($500 million).