OREANDA-NEWS. For the first time in the past 25 years, American Forbes did not include former US President Donald Trump in the list of the country's richest billionaires. Amid the coronavirus pandemic, Trump's fortune has declined, as a result of which he left the list.

When compiling the new list, Forbes estimated the fortune of the 45th president at $ 2.5 billion. In order to get into the new rating, Trump did not have enough $ 400 million. In 2020, the former US president was ranked 339, but his fortune has decreased by $ 600 million since the start of the coronavirus pandemic. Then Trump dropped to 64 lines in the ranking.

From 1997 to 2016, Trump held a place in the first half of the Forbes 400 ranking, but after being elected president of the country in 2017, he began to lose ground. The presidency hit hard on the billionaire's wallet - his fortune fell by a quarter ($ 3 to $ 2.3 billion). The worst blow to the businessman was the coronavirus pandemic and related restrictions: Trump's key assets are resorts, hotels and office buildings, the value of which has significantly decreased.

The first place in the Forbes 400 ranking is held by the richest man on the planet, Amazon founder Jeff Bezos with a fortune of $ 201 billion. He is followed by Tesla creator Elon Musk with $ 190.5 billion and Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg, whose fortune fell $ 6.6 billion after social media disruptions on October 4 to $ 134.5 billion.