OREANDA-NEWS. Ukrainian political scientist Dmitry Korneychuk said on the air of the UkrLive channel that the wrong energy policy of Kiev led to the need to purchase electricity and gas from Belarus and Russia.

The expert stressed that the Ukrainian authorities were not fully prepared for the heating season and now are forced to buy electricity from Minsk. At the same time, Kiev has spoiled relations with the President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko over political issues. This, according to the political scientist, can lead to dire consequences for Ukraine.

“We have come to these rolling blackouts, which we may have if Belarus does not give us electricity. And it may or may not. We have a difficult relationship with Belarus: we are introducing some sanctions, flights there have been stopped. That is, we also managed to quarrel with everyone there. And now we depend on Lukashenko. That is, we have sunk to the point that now Lukashenko is deciding whether there will be rolling blackouts in Ukraine or not, "Korneichuk said.

He stressed that the question of how Ukraine found itself in such a vulnerable position should be asked to the country's President Volodymyr Zelensky.

In addition to electricity, Kiev is also experiencing a shortage of gas, the expert noted. This will require an appeal to the Russian "Gazprom", he is sure.

"Everything is smoothly leading to the fact that it will be necessary to switch to direct contracts with Gazprom on the purchase of gas. Only this will all be under the guise of a terrible terrible energy crisis, to which we do not understand how we came, and then under the pressure of circumstances we are forced with pain in our hearts, go to the aggressors, "said Korneichuk

He concluded that he would like to see at least one concrete action by the authorities aimed at overcoming the energy crisis in the country.