OREANDA-NEWS. Citizens of Belarus, Kazakhstan and Ukraine turned to the Russian Embassy in Washington with a request to help them to return from the United States. This was announced by Russian Ambassador Anatoly Antonov.

On Facebook, he answered questions from journalists about how the sending of Russians from New York was organized. Antonov noted that on Thursday, 369 citizens flew to Moscow, which became a record. According to him, among the passengers of the flight there were 40 people from the so-called “humanitarian list”, which includes compatriots who are in a difficult life situation, undergoing treatment and rehabilitation in the United States, have disabilities, and elderly people. 10 Russian schoolchildren also went home.

Citizens of other countries ask for help in returning to the Russian Federation too. “We receive requests from citizens of Belarus, Kazakhstan and Ukraine to assist in traveling to the Russian Federation to reunite with their families,” Antonov said.