OREANDA-NEWS. The bodies of three Western journalists were found in Burkina Faso, a state in West Africa. This is reported by Reuters, referring to the security service of the African country.

Earlier it became known that in the east of Burkina Faso, four people were missing, including three journalists and one soldier. They took part in an action to protect animals and were ambushed.

During a search operation, the bodies of two Spanish and one Irish journalists were found. It is not yet known where the soldier is.

The Spanish Foreign Ministry confirmed the information about the dead journalists. The authorities have already contacted the families of the missing, according to RIA Novosti.

"After we contacted the Burkina Faso authorities and the families of the disappeared, it is most likely confirmed that the bodies found in Burkina Faso belong to two missing Spanish journalists. We are awaiting the final confirmation, this is sad news," said the Foreign Minister Affairs of Spain Arancha Gonzalez Laia at a press conference.

Laya said that contact with the 40-member group was lost on Monday. She was in a nature park on the border with Benin. The group included two Spanish journalists and an Irish citizen. This is a dangerous zone where Islamists and bandits are operating, the minister said. One of the Spaniards is from Pamplona, ​​the other is from Vizcaya. They worked on a documentary about the operations that the Burkina Faso authorities are organizing against poaching.

The minister also recalled that the profession of a journalist is a danger "in many parts of this world."

In recent years, Burkina Faso has been the epicenter of terrorist activities by Islamist groups.