OREANDA-NEWS A significant part of the city of Paradise (California) burned in a fire, destroyed hundreds of buildings. This was reported on Thursday by the Associated Press (AP).

"The locality of Paradise is largely destroyed, we are talking about the destruction of this scale," the Agency quotes the words of the representative of the local fire service Scott McLean. According to the Agency and McLean, the fire destroyed about 2 thousand buildings, about 1 thousand houses.

The newspaper reports that the fires began on the morning of November, 8. Now the fire spread over an area of more than 7 hectares.

As reported earlier the newspaper Paradise Post, citing the Sheriff of Butte County Corey Hawney, in the fire, several people were killed, their exact number is not set yet. There have been no official statements in this regard.

 At the same time, several local residents and two firefighters were hospitalized, the Sheriff added.

The population of Paradise is about 27 thousand people. Earlier, the authorities announced the complete evacuation of the city's population — 27 thousand inhabitants. Among them are students of 11 schools, patients of the local hospital. Governor Gavin Newsome has declared a state of emergency.

 Due to traffic many try to leave Paradise by foot, Paradise Post writes. A pregnant woman, stuck in a car on the road, began to fight. In connection with the fires that began in the forests, thousands of people were evacuated in Paradise. About 500 firefighters work at the site.

The flame spreads quickly due to strong wind and dry weather. Evacuation was announced in a number of other cities of the district.

In August, it became known about the forest fire in Northern California, which exceeded 1148.4 square kilometers. it became the largest in the history of the state.