OREANDA-NEWS. Former President of Poland, Nobel laureate Lech Walesa was charged with perjury about his cooperation with the special services during the Polish People's Republic (PPR), according to the Institute of National Remembrance of the country.

Suspicions that Walesa, being the leader of the Polish opposition, the head of the Solidarity trade union, worked with the Polish Security Service (SB), arose after a folder with documents was found in the house of the deceased former Minister of Internal Affairs of Poland, General Czeslaw Kiszak, which contained documents allegedly signed by Valenza. From these documents it followed that Walesa collaborated with the Security Service and had the pseudonym "Bolek".

Within the framework of the initiated criminal case, Walesa testified in 2016, where he claimed that he did not sign the documents found on the late general and did not work with the Security Service of the People's Republic of Poland.

"Lech Walesa has been charged with perjury. The case concerns the statements of the ex-president about the falsification of his signatures under the documents of the Security Service," the Institute of National Remembrance said in a statement.

The report states that "the credibility of Lech Walesa's testimony undermines the opinion of experts in the field of graphology, who showed that the documents found in the files of a secret Security Service officer with the pseudonym" Bolek ", including a commitment to work with the Security Service, receipts for receiving money and messages are genuine. "

It is noted that a group of experts studied 158 documents from a folder found in General Kischak's allegedly signed by Walesa with more than 140 documents, "which in the period from 1963 to 2016, undoubtedly, was personally written or signed by Walesa." In particular, a handwritten commitment to cooperation with the Security Service dated December 21, 1970, 17 handwritten receipts for receiving money for information provided to the Security Service officers were examined.