OREANDA-NEWS. Former US President Bill Clinton became ill on Tuesday, October 12. He felt unwell when he was at a private event. CNN TV channel reports that the politician was diagnosed with a urinary tract infection, which has spread to the circulatory system and caused sepsis. Clinton is now undergoing treatment in the intensive care unit. Fortunately, the disease was diagnosed at an early stage, so the ex-president responds well to treatment.

According to Clinton's doctors, urological infections in people of his age are far from uncommon, and they are treatable without much difficulty. Clinton was placed in the intensive care unit not because his condition raises concerns, but solely for reasons of safety and confidentiality.

The treatment plan is very simple - the former owner of the White House will be injected with drugs intravenously, after which the droppers will be replaced with antibiotics in the form of pills. Clinton will soon be able to return home.

Bill is not discouraged, is in a good mood, communicates with family members and hospital staff, strolls down the hallways and is not going to stay in the hospital for a long time.

“President Clinton was admitted to the UCI Medical Center on Tuesday night for treatment for a non-COVID-19 infection. He is recovering, in good spirits and incredibly grateful to the doctors, nurses and staff who have provided him with excellent care, ”said Clinton spokesman Angel Urena.

Doctors are constantly in touch with the team of doctors of the 75-year-old politician in New York, in particular, with his cardiologist, since the former head of state had previously undergone heart surgery. In 2004, Clinton underwent four heart bypass grafts, and in 2010, he had two stents inserted to open one artery.

Bill Clinton was the 42nd President of the United States from 1993 to 2001. He was nominated for the post of head of state from the Democratic Party. Prior to his election as President, he was elected Governor of Arkansas five times.