OREANDA-NEWS. In China found fossils of the biggest forests in the Devonian period and the most ancient forests in Asia, reported in Current Biology. It existed 359-372 million years ago on the area of at least 25 acres and consisted of mosses plants, reaching up to 7.7 metres in height.

It is also possible that limpidly forest Singen was very similar to the mangrove forests along the coast, as they occur in similar environments and have comparable ecological role. Petrified trees are visible in the walls of the clay pits Jianchuan and Beijing, above and below the four-meter layer of Sandstone. Some of the fossils included sosnoviye structure megaspore, and the diameters of the petrified trunks were used to estimate the heights of trees. Continuous discovery of new fossil trees gives the opportunity to collect a rare collection of ancient trees.

"High density and small growth of these trees makes the forest from Singhana something similar to the modern fields of sugar cane, except that the plants were there concentrated in small groves. However, they were similar to mangrove forests, which grow in similar environments and have played the same ecological role," says Demin Wang (Wang Deming) from the University of Beijing (China).