OREANDA-NEWS. Australia had planned in advance to defraud France with the submarine deal and did not terminate it, only to wait for confirmation from the United States and Great Britain. The Australian government was accused of such deliberate actions by the French ambassador to Canberra Jean-Pierre Thébaud, writes the Guardian.

According to Tebo, Australia “turned its back” on a long history of cooperation with Paris and did not seek alternative options for behavior. He argues that some parties to the process “were directly involved in sabotaging public support and understanding” of the submarine delivery program. The ambassador also reacted to the Australian correspondence with French President Emmanuel Macron, published a day earlier. According to the diplomat, this is an unprecedented and unacceptable move.

Earlier it was reported that Macron blamed the Australians for cooperation programs. Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison told reporters that the project was canceled due to delays and increased cost of reasons.

Australia has canceled a $ 66 billion contract with France for the construction of submarines. The decision comes after the signing of a new defense and security partnership between the United States, Britain and Australia, which involves the creation of nuclear submarines for the Australian Navy in 18 months. The treaty was named AUKUS (Australia, United Kingdom, USA).