OREANDA-NEWS. The Secretary of State at the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Clement Bon, said on the air of France 2 that the population of the republic should be vaccinated only with those vaccines that the authorities are sure of.

According to him, today in Europe there are only four approved drugs for the prevention of COVID-19, but vaccines from Russia or China should not be recognized.

Clement Bon said: "There are countries like Spain that have tried to authorize other vaccines - Russian or Chinese. France says to its partners:" Be careful, say no to these vaccines. "

The politician noted that France regularly updates the lists of countries in which the epidemiological situation is developing in different ways. However, according to him, Paris does not intend to cancel flights from other states when the situation with coronavirus worsens there.

It is recalled that the Russian Sputnik V vaccine has been approved by 68 countries with a total population of over 3.4 billion people. It ranks second in popularity in the world.

The effectiveness of the drug, developed at the Gamaleya National Center, was 97.6% after analyzing data from 3.8 million vaccinated Russians. In addition, the results of the study were published in the international medical journal The Lancet, and a review of the vaccine, which states its quality and safety, was published this week in Nature.