OREANDA-NEWSParticipants in a meeting of the G20 working group of the G20 countries on employment examined the impact of the new coronavirus pandemic on the labor market. This is stated in a communiqué released on Thursday meeting.

The meeting was held via an online video conference chaired by Saudi Arabia. “The G20 countries have discussed collaborative efforts to protect labor markets from the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic”, the text says.

“The meeting also examined the potential of social protection systems to adapt to changing patterns of work to provide adequate protection for all, especially for vulnerable categories of people. This problem has gained greater global significance in connection with the COVID-19 pandemic, when national social protection systems The G20 and the rest of the world are at an unprecedented level of demand", the statement said.

They also examined "ways to support youth in the labor market during global health and economic crises, and methods for improving their integration in the labor market, especially for young women", the text emphasizes.