OREANDA-NEWSOn Monday, March 2, Gazprom and its key subsidiaries canceled foreign business trips of employees, except for those that are separately agreed upon by management.

It's also recommended that employees refrain from private trips abroad. This was reported to the Russian media by four employees of the holding and two employees of its key gas export subsidiary. The Telegram channel of Gazprom previously announced the introduction of “corporate quarantine”.

According to media interlocutors, Gazprom employees were sent a letter at the beginning of the week signed by the deputy chairman of the company’s board, the head of its security service, Sergei Khomyakov, in which it was stated without reason that foreign business trips of employees were canceled. It's also recommended that employees not go abroad outside their work goals, and if there are such trips, they should visit a doctor upon returning to work.

Two more employees of the company told the Russian media that they learned about the cancellation of business trips from their direct management at a meeting on Monday, March 2. It was announced that trips were canceled due to the difficult situation with the epidemic of coronavirus.