OREANDA-NEWS. Tight quarantine after Christmas plans to introduce the German government, headed by Chancellor Angela Merkel. In Berlin, the option is being discussed, when from December 27 to January 3 or 10 everything will be closed except for supermarkets. In addition, it is planned to start school holidays a week earlier and finish them a week later. The goal of these actions is to reduce the number of infections with the coronavirus COVID-19.

According to TASS, Angela Merkel at a meeting of the CDU / CSU faction in the Bundestag insisted that the decision to tighten measures due to the coronavirus should be taken as soon as possible, at the latest - by December 24. 

Quarantine has already been in effect in Germany since November 2. Restaurants, cafes, bars and other establishments where you can eat and eat are closed for a month. Food and drinks are sold exclusively to take away. Concert halls, cinemas, massage parlors, beauty parlors, fitness clubs, tattoo parlors, swimming pools are closed. The restrictions were later extended until December 20.

But unlike the spring quarantine, shops, hairdressers, kindergartens and schools are now open. Staying in hotels today is advised only in case of urgent need, but not for the sake of tourist travel.

People can meet, but only representatives of two houses. And so that there are no more than 10 people at the meetings. At the same time, some federal states have reduced the permissible number of participants in meetings to 5 people.

And two federal states - Bavaria and Saxony - have tightened quarantine. An emergency situation is also introduced in Bavaria - the premises of hospitals and nursing homes are limited, the land stops the movement of people outside its territory, the sale of alcohol is prohibited, and a curfew is imposed from 21 hours.