OREANDA-NEWS. Rainer Wendt, chairman of the German police union, demanded a federal ban on the actions of supporters of the «Querdenker» movement («Thinking outside the box»), who oppose government measures to combat the pandemic. According to Wendt, during such events, «offenses are programmed in advance», since many of their participants deliberately do not keep a distance and do not wear masks. He also noted, that it is difficult to explain to other citizens why they should observe the curfew, while participants of such actions as the May Day demonstration in Berlin are on the street until late.

According to official data, during the riots on May 1 in Berlin, 93 police officers were injured. During this action, 354 people were detained.

The authorities of the cities and municipalities demand from the federal government a single nationwide plan to get out of lockdown in Germany. «The number of infections per week, per one hundred thousand people is decreasing, vaccination is underway. We can hope, that we will soon overcome the third wave of the pandemic. With an increase in the number of vaccinations in the summer, life will be closer to normal», Gerd Landsberg, head of the Association of German Cities and Communities, said in an interview with the «Rheinische Post», stressing that in such a situation, the federal government should present a unified plan to ease restrictions.

«After more, than a year in the pandemic mode, it is becoming increasingly difficult to explain to citizens why we are moving by touch», he added.