OREANDA-NEWS.The footage was taken at a depth of 759 meters. The length of the squid is about 3.7 meters, the researchers say.

The record shows, as he tries to entangle the giant tentacles of the deep apparatus, which glows in the depths. Scientists said that the clam is not dangerous. They came to the conclusion that the animal was surprised by his mistake and retreated after hitting the deep-sea apparatus, which at first seemed to him something edible.

Scientists have noted that giant squid are not dangerous for humans. They live at great depths and never rise to the water surface. These beings often become food for whales, or sperm whales.

Squid belong to the order of ten-armed cephalopods. The size of ordinary individuals does not exceed half a meter. However, the largest squid can reach 16.5 meters in length, being the largest invertebrates on our planet. Squid are most common in temperate zones and subtropics. However, some species even inhabit the Arctic zone.