OREANDA-NEWSDanish Foreign Minister Eppe Kufood together with Greenland’s Foreign Minister Ane Lone Bagger will discuss US presence in Greenland and Arctic cooperation with US Secretary of State Michael Pompeo on Wednesday. According to the Ritzau agency, for the first time in history, a member of the autonomy government will take part in negotiations abroad.

“Together with Greenland, we must continue a constructive dialogue with the Americans about the events in the Arctic and on the island”, the Danish Foreign Ministry said in a statement. The increased political interest means that we will also see increased attention and involvement from the Americans. We welcome American participation in projects in Greenland and hope to discuss this with Pompeo. Central to the idea that America’s participation can and should benefit Greenland".

In August, US President Donald Trump announced that he would like to discuss the purchase of Greenland with the Danish authorities, however, both the king’s prime minister and the Greenland cabinet refused such negotiations. "We must openly discuss things whose views differ", the Danish Foreign Minister said ahead of the visit.