OREANDA-NEWSAir pollution from burning fossil fuels leads to daily losses in the global economy of $ 8 billion, which is $ 2.9 trillion per year. This is stated in a joint report by Greenpeace and the Center for Energy and Clean Air Research (CREA).

According to the report, losses reach about 3.3% of the world gross domestic product (GDP). The highest annual losses associated with air pollution from burning fossil fuels are borne by the economies of China ($ 900 billion, excluding Hong Kong and Macau), the United States ($ 600 billion) and India ($ 150 billion), followed by Germany with $ 140 billion a year and Japan - $ 130 billion

In addition, experts found that burning coal, oil, and gas, causing health problems, could lead to 4.5 million premature deaths in the world each year. So, every year 40 thousand children die before they reach the age of five due to exposure to fine suspended particles that enter the air as a result of burning coal and other fossil fuels (soot particles, etc.).

According to WHO, more than 1.7 million children under the age of five die every year as a result of environmental pollution. Every day, about 93% (1.8 billion) of children under the age of 15 breathe polluted air, and in 2016, 60 thousand children died from acute infections of the lower respiratory tract caused by polluted air.