OREANDA-NEWS. Half of the world's population considers the coronavirus pandemic to be the main problem. According to a survey conducted by the «Ipsos Marketing Institute», since December last year, the level fear of coronavirus has increased by 3 points — to 50 percent.

In Germany, it is 56 percent — just above the global average. The survey involved 22 thousand respondents from 27 countries. As the researchers found, in Germany, the fear of the coronavirus has been steadily increasing since September. At that time, only 37 percent of respondents said they considered the pandemic to be the main problem.

The fear of poverty and social inequality has also increased since December — by 3 points to 39 percent. German concern about climate change rose 2 points to 27 percent. According to the latter indicator, Germany is noticeably different from other countries. According to the survey, on average, only one in ten considers climate change one of the main problems in their country.

The diagnosis was confirmed in more than 105 million people worldwide, more than 2.2 million have died.