OREANDA-NEWS. American magazine Harvard Business Review ranked 100 of the world’s most efficient CEOs.

First place was won by 56-year old Jensen Huang, the co-founder, President and CEO of the American technology company Nvidia founded in 1993. The investment amounted to 40 thousand dollars, nowadays the capitalization of Nvidia exceeds 100 billion dollars. According to Forbes, the fortune of Huang is estimated at 4.6 billion dollars.

On the second line of the rating is Marc Benioff, the co-founder of Salesforce software company (USA), who has been in this post since 2001. Francois-Henri Pinault, the chairman of the French company Kering specialized in luxury goods took third place. They are followed by Richard Templeton, the president of Texas Instruments technology company, and Ignacio Galan, the CEO of Spanish public multinational electric utility company Iberdrola (2001).

The drafters of the rating note that 65 heads of companies from last year’s list are present in it this year also. Among those who dropped out there was Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos. It is explained by a change in the calculation methodology: the value of such indicators as environmental, social and governance increased.

The authors of the ratings also noted that the small number of women represented in it is disappointing. There are only four: Wolters Kluwer head Nancy McKinstry (16th place), Advanced Micro Devices head Lisa Su (26th place), Ventas head Debra Kafaro (29-th place) and Lockheed Martin head Marillyn Hewson (37th place). “It’s the result not of the performance of female CEOs but of how few women serve in the role – a phenomenon we, too, find regrettable,” the report says.