OREANDA-NEWSThe quarantine measures taken by the European Union to combat the coronavirus pandemic cost the community almost € 3 trillion. This was announced on Wednesday at a press conference in Brussels by the head of the European Commission (EC), Ursula von der Leyen.

"These measures have already cost almost € 3 trillion throughout the European Union. We have already mobilized more than 3 trillion euros to deal with the economic crisis. We have allowed EU countries to inject liquidity into their economies", she said. The head of the EC stressed that the EU has a "very long list of economic difficulties" in connection with the coronavirus pandemic. However, she noted that quarantine measures should be lifted gradually and in full coordination among EU member states.

Over the past week, in most EU countries, the number of infected and dead people per day has relatively stabilized, and in some cases even started to decline. But it still remains stably high; there is no clear tendency to decrease yet.