OREANDA-NEWSAt the initial stage of the pandemic, the European Union lacked coordination in action, but now Brussels and the Union countries are working together.

This was announced to the Russian media by the EU High Representative for Foreign and Security Policy, Josep Borrell. “Shifting blame for all problems to the European Union is a common tactic that sometimes its member countries themselves resort to. It's true that at the initial stage of the pandemic, EU actions lacked coherence. Nevertheless, now we are acting in concert and successfully combating the virus and its consequences both within our borders and together with our neighbors”, he said in his first interview with the Russian media since his assumption in office at the end of 2019.

According to Borrel, he was surprised when he found out about the posters on the streets of the Serbian capital with praise for China and its leader. At the end of February, when the new coronavirus began to spread throughout the European Union, national governments began to take unilateral measures to reduce the incidence.

In early March, European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen apologized to Italy for not having received all the necessary assistance at the right time.