OREANDA-NEWS.The Legislative Council of Hong Kong postponed the meeting, which should be considered amendments to the law on extradition, against the backdrop of a protest, according to the Chinese newspaper, the period for which the consideration of the document was postponed, isn't specified. Earlier on Wednesday, a new multi-thousand protest began in the city. Protesters camped in the park "Tamar" and prevented the passage to the building of the legislature. In addition, they staged a march along a large highway adjacent to the Hong Kong administration, and blocked the traffic. Barricades also appeared in the city.

The protests were a continuation of the action, which took place last Sunday. According to the organizers, about a million people took part in it, while the police claimed that the number of protesters didn't exceed 240 thousand. As a result, clashes occurred between the protesters and the police. Protesters oppose amendments to the law on extradition, according to which the Hong Kong authorities will be able to extradite suspects to mainland China, Macau and Taiwan. The protesters believe that he could face consequences for human rights activists and those whose work doesn't suit the authorities in Beijing.

The publication notes that this is the largest mass protest in the country for more than ten years. The demonstrators began their march from Victoria Park and moved through the streets near the central Cosway Bay area. Supporters of the law, including the administration of the special administrative region, believe that it will help fight, in particular, transnational crime. Hong Kong moved from British jurisdiction to Chinese in 1997, but still retains a high degree of autonomy. Opponents of the extradition bill also believe that with its adoption, Hong Kong will lose its independence.