OREANDA-NEWSThe Hong Kong Supreme Court on Monday declared unconstitutional the decision of local authorities to impose a ban on the wearing of masks by protesters. According to a Hong Kong newspaper, the judge called the innovation "inconsistent with the fundamental law," which serves as the constitution of this special administrative region of China.

Thus, the court granted the lawsuit filed by a group of 25 opposition legislators. They tried to challenge the decision of the head of the Hong Kong administration, Carrie Lam, to ban wearing masks during demonstrations and public events. This decree entered into force on October 5 and was designed to reduce the intensity of public unrest in the metropolis, which was swept by mass protests.

The mask order was adopted without the approval of the legislative council as part of a special law on emergency measures, which was developed back in English colonial times in 1922. He gives the head of the Hong Kong administration the authority to take whatever measures he sees fit in the event of a public emergency. It was reported that violation of the ban could entail imprisonment for up to one year and a fine of 25 thousand Hong Kong dollars ($ 3.2 thousand).