OREANDA-NEWS Chinese Huawei has become the owner of the Novosibirsk company Excelsior, a major developer of solutions for Java technology. This was announced on Twitter by an employee of a Russian company, adding that the company is now called Excelsior at Huawei. 

Officially, Huawei did not announce the acquisition of Excelsior. The press service of both companies did not confirm the publication of CNews, but did not refute the fact of the transaction. 

Excelsior is based in the Novosibirsk Research Center of Huawei and is engaged in compilers, JVM and new programming languages. One of the most famous products of the company (now its development has been stopped) is the Excelsior JET virtual Java machine with the ability to compile Java source code into bytecode. 

On Twitter, Excelsior’s employee Ivan Uglyansky explained that “Huawei is conducting advanced research on our topic, and they also have real tasks where to apply these technologies.” Whether the entire team of Excelsior switched to Huawei, he did not specify.