OREANDA-NEWS Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban said that for Hungary, the EU's proposal on an embargo on energy resources from the Russian Federation can be compared to an atomic bomb, the portal index.hu writes. He stressed that the EU leadership does not take into account the fact that the EU member states are in different conditions.

«The head of the European Commission ignores the fact that the EU countries are in completely different conditions and makes a proposal that ignores the individual parameters of the countries. We cannot accept this, because for Hungary it is equal to an atomic bomb», Orban said.

The Hungarian Prime Minister also noted that the country will be able to abandon Russian oil after it is reoriented to other supplies, but this will take more than five years. «We will need at least five years, as well as money, so that we can rebuild to a different order and rebuild factories, so we have returned the proposal to the European Commission for revision», Orban stressed.

The head of the Cabinet of Ministers noted that Hungary is interested in a constructive dialogue. According to him, if the country had not returned the proposal for revision, the reduction of utility costs (the social program in Hungary) «would have ended on Monday».