36-year-old Prince Harry (Prince Harry) is worried about a conversation with his wife. He admitted that he couldn't help her at a difficult moment.

The grandson of Elizabeth II  has made new revelations.  In the conversation with Oprah Winfrey, the actress Glenn Close and the son of the late Robin Williams, the prince shared his personal feelings about Meghan Markle. Harry regrets how he reacted to his wife's confession about her intention to commit suicide.

The Dukes of Sussex were going to a charity concert when the terrible secret was revealed. According to the monarch, he did not know what to do in such situation.  Harry decided not to change the plans and go to the event, despite the fact that his pregnant wife was feeling bad.  “I am a little ashamed of the way I behaved in this situation. The system in which we were and our responsibilities did not allow us to do otherwise. We quickly hugged, and then we had to change, get into the car, go to the Albert Hall and smile for the camera” – said the prince.

He noted that all members of the royal family are ashamed to talk about psychological problems. It is easier for them to pretend that everything is ok  than to do something with it. This was how Harry justified his misbehavior with his wife that evening.

Harry's family, in particular his father and brother, took offense at him for publicly insulting the monarchy. But Elizabeth II and Prince Philip tried to maintain good relations with their grandson, no matter what. The Duke of Edinburgh did not punish Megan's husband for the scandal and left his name in his will.

“Philip was not one of those who could punish his grandson for bad behavior. He was a very fair, level-headed and sweet person. The Duke was never angry. His legacy will be honestly divided between his loved ones, and Harry will get some of it” – as the Daily Star sourse reported.