OREANDA-NEWS. Beijing has begun vaccinating children aged three years and older against COVID-19, according to a statement on the Chinese government's website.
"Work has officially begun in Beijing on October 28 to vaccinate children between the ages of 3 and 11 against COVID-19," the statement said.

According to the latest figures from the State Health Committee of the People's Republic of China, Chinese doctors have received over 2.25 billion vaccinations against COVID-19.

In February-March next year, Beijing will host the Winter Olympic and Paralympic Games.

The Chinese authorities have previously approved four vaccines for mass use, including three inactivated ones developed by Beijing Kexing Zhongwei Biotechnology (part of Sinovac), Wuhan Biologicals Research Institute (part of Sinopharm) and China National Biotech Group (part of Sinopharm). Also, the only in China recombinant vaccine against COVID-19 based on the adenoviral vector Ad5-nCoV from CanSino Biologics has received approval. Vaccinations in China are free and voluntary.

Since December 15 last year, the Chinese authorities have launched an emergency vaccination program against COVID-19 for key populations, including doctors, transport workers, law enforcement officers, ports, and those whose job involves contact with imported frozen food. Later, vaccination became available to everyone, including foreign citizens living in China.