OREANDA-NEWS A seagull in the British city of Paignton in the south-west of England kidnapped a Chihuahua from the mistress's garden and flew away with the dog, the local news portal Devon Live reports.

The incident occurred in the county of Devon in South-West England. The seagull, which swooped down on a dog named Gizmo and carried it away in its beak, was seen by a young man of the mistress.

“My friend was in the garden at the time, hanging out his underwear, when suddenly he saw that the seagull was swooping down. She took Gizmo quite far away, because we could not see him anymore. I don't know if she dropped he and where he is now” - said the 24-year-old mistress of three chihuahuas, Becca Hill.

The dog is still not found. The troubled girl hopes that with the help of social networks and the press she will be able to track down the missing dog.