OREANDA-NEWS In Egypt, presented a draft digital database of all employees of hotels, according to the website of the Association of Tour Operators (ATOR).

 The database will include personal data, education, qualifications, reviews from the place of previous activity, misconduct and rewards.

Personal information of the employee will be recorded on a plastic card with a chip. The card will be a prerequisite for hiring. Moreover, the "electronic profile" will have to be confirmed by the police.

So it will be possible to get rid of fraudsters or to refuse work to non-professional employees. Increase the level of service. Tourists will feel safe.

As it is specified, the Ministry of Tourism, the Federation of Tourist Chambers and tourist police of Egypt will have a database of personnel.

The Egyptian government does not mention foreign employees. “It’s no secret that Egyptian hotels have enough foreigners engaged in animation or hostesses,” the ATOR website says.