OREANDA-NEWS. Indian police have detained 33 people on charges of gang raping a 15-year-old girl, according to the Hindustan Times.

"All 33 of the accused listed in the initial investigation report are currently under arrest and no new names have emerged during the investigation," said Chief Police Inspector Dadahari Chaure.

He noted that the court held the day before extended the terms of imprisonment of 22 accused until October 4, the cases of the rest will be considered in the near future.

The victim of this crime, a resident of the village of Dombivali in the east of the country, was subjected to repeated rapes from January to September this year, until she reported it to the police. According to police, the girl's first rapist was a person with whom she had a relationship. The man also threatened the girl to post an intimate video if she resisted repeated sexual assaults, and later circulated the video to his friends and acquaintances. The group of criminals includes people aged 20-25, as well as two minors.

Local media have already called the crime "the Dombivali rape case" similar to the "Nirbhaya case" of the 2012 rape of a paramedic student.

The "Nirbhaya case" received a wide public response in India. The rape and the subsequent death of the girl led to large-scale actions in various cities of India; in New Delhi, students tried to break through to the presidential palace, which led to clashes with the police and the death of one law enforcement officer. In 2013, under pressure from the public, new norms were adopted that toughened the punishment for rape. The criminals were executed only in 2020, repeatedly delaying the consideration of the case with requests for clemency.

India is considered one of the most unsafe countries for women. The police regularly report new cases of domestic violence, sexual harassment and murder of women.