OREANDA-NEWS Italian Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte reported that the government is working on measures that are aimed at overcoming anti-Russian sanctions.

He told this to journalists from the TASS news agency. Also, the head of the Italian government stressed the need to hold a constructive dialogue with all EU countries on this issue, since Rome unilaterally is powerless to solve this difficult task.

“I have repeatedly said that sanctions are not an original phenomenon, which is purposefully against Russia. Their main task is to encourage the Russian Federation to fulfill the requirements of the European Union. In particular, these are the Minsk agreements. Italy, in turn, will do everything possible to overcome the sanctions regime. However, this will not work without taking measures by Russia and Ukraine to achieve these goals, ”said Conte.

The politician also pointed out that despite the absence of Italy’s participation in the “Norman format”, Rome is always ready to assist in the negotiation process in terms of resolving the conflict as soon as possible in order to obtain the necessary result.