OREANDA-NEWS. The store, where purchases are made using a controlled robot avatar, opened on Thursday in the Japanese capital. According to the assurances of the company, the operator of the store, which was one of the largest air carriers in Japan, All Nippon Airways (ANA), this store was the first in the world.

According to ANA, the store will operate in test mode from December 5 to 24 in one of the shopping centers in the metropolitan area of ​​Nihonbashi. The robot avatar, dubbed the New Me, is a 1.5-meter vertical wheeled structure. You can control the robot through a computer, smartphone or tablet using a special application. Moving around the store, the buyer selects the goods he likes, and then goes to the cashier for electronic payment.

In 2020, when the Summer Olympic Games will be held in Japan, it is planned to introduce up to a thousand of such robots across the country. In the future, the ANA also expects to start using similar robot avatars in the field of medicine and elderly care.