OREANDA-NEWS. In Madrid, a curfew was tightened and it was forbidden to go to visit friends and relatives. Restrictions come into force on Monday, January 25. Thus, the Spanish authorities plan to stop the spread of coronavirus infection.

The curfew from Monday will start an hour earlier — from 22:00 — and continue until 6: 00. Cafes, restaurants and shops will have to close even earlier — at 21:00. Such measures will last at least two weeks. This is reported by the local newspaper «El Pais» (can be translated as «Country»). In addition, the authorities prohibit inviting people to visit. The only exceptions are visits to help another person or to check on them. You can meet someone other than your family on the street or in a public place, but you can gather no more than four people.

Since the beginning of the pandemic in Spain, more than 2.6 million people have been infected with the coronavirus, more than 55.4 thousand have died.