OREANDA-NEWS. According to french TV-channel BFMTV, law enforcement officers in Paris used tear gas and water cannons after clashes at a protest action. The rally was held on Tuesday, 17 November. It was attended by several hundred people.

The demonstration against the "global security bill" was held near the National Assembly (lower house of Parliament) of France. Protesters opposed the article 24 of the bill, which they believe would violate freedom of information. It provides for a fine or imprisonment for one year for distributing "images of a face or other parts that will contribute to the identification" of a police officer or gendarme during an operation.

At the same time, the bill says that the punishment for distributing photos should follow if the goal of the attackers is to "encroach on the physical or mental integrity" of the law enforcement officer. Unionists of journalists and human rights activists believe that this provision will make it impossible for journalists and ordinary citizens to film police officers and, for example, to record acts of violence by the police. Therefore, they called for taking part in the protest.

According to the channel's source in the police, clashes between law enforcement officers and participants of the action with the use of violence occurred in the evening, at the end of the action. Among the protesters were representatives of the yellow vests movement, left-wing activists and students.