OREANDA-NEWS. A record number of patients with coronavirus died in Poland per day. This is reported by the Ministry of Health of the Republic.

Recently, the number of coronavirus carriers detected daily has increased dramatically in Poland. Last Thursday, 35,251 COVID-19 cases were detected in the country, the highest since the start of the pandemic.

Over the past day, laboratory tests have confirmed the presence of coronavirus in 27,887 people. The total number of infections in Poland since the start of the pandemic was 2,499,507. Over the past day, 954 patients with coronavirus have died, the total number of deaths in the country increased to 56 659.

Despite the relative decrease in the rate of spread of coronavirus infection, the number of patients with COVID-19 in Polish hospitals is growing. According to the latest data, 34 864 people with coronavirus were hospitalized in the country (34 691 as of Wednesday), 3 362 of them are connected to mechanical ventilation devices (3 342 on Wednesday). 433,346 people (more than 1.1% of the country's population) are in quarantine, 2,076,504 have recovered.

Due to the high number of detected cases of coronavirus, the Polish government has announced a nationwide quarantine. A lockdown regime has been introduced throughout the country. From the end of March, additional restrictions have been introduced for two weeks. They were recently extended until April 18th. Shopping facilities are closed in the country, except for grocery stores and pharmacies, bars, cafes and restaurants can only work for takeaway, all schoolchildren have switched to a remote learning format, hotels and hostels, cultural facilities, beauty industry, sports and tourism are closed, gatherings of more than five people are prohibited , wearing masks is mandatory, including on the street.