OREANDA-NEWS. A fire broke out on the territory of a former military unit in the Ryazan Region of Russia, and ammunition began to explode, a source of TASS news agency reported. The information was confirmed by the emergency services, RIA Novosti adds. Later, these facts were also confirmed by the Russian Ministry of Defense.

The video, shot by one of the eyewitnesses on the border of the Ryazan and Tambov regions, shows clouds of smoke rising into the air.

The fire occurred on the territory of a military unit located in the village of Shelemishevskie Khutora of the Skopinsky District. “Helicopters have already begun to extinguish the fire from the air,” one of the eyewitnesses told the local portal RZN.info.

The fire on the site, where the artillery ammunition was stored, spread from the burning grass, the press service of the Western Military District explained. The military added that separate explosions of ammunition on the spot continue, but there is no threat to nearby settlements. Servicemen and civilians were evacuated from the dangerous area, no one was injured.