OREANDA-NEWS. The Ukrainian military have begun to take away divisions from one of positions before Luhansk Village check-point.

In the headquarters have explained that on launch of alarm rockets on both sides the Ukrainian military have left the positions determined by OSCE. "Now it is unknown whether the opponent has taken away the military, it is watched by representatives of the OSCE Mission", - it is said in the statement.

The other day arrival to the village of the representative of Ukraine in contact group Leonid Kuchma for this purpose, "to continue work on offtake of the parties for the boundaries determined by the Minsk agreements" is expected.

Before AFU and national militia of LPR were in only 380 m from each other. Now this distance will increase to more than two kilometers. It is planned that protective constructions will be dismantled. Car traffic through the checkpoint of entry into the republic and departure (KPVV) from it can be resumed if it is possible to restore the destroyed bridge.