OREANDA-NEWS. The accident with Russian tourists happened in Turkey. A bus which was carrying tourists crashed into a tree and turned over as a result. The accident took place in Alanya on September, 18, on Friday. As the local authorities declared seven people were injured in it.

According to one of the witnesses of the accident, it happened while the bus was going to the fishing place. It was a kind of local excursion for the tourists, who bought tickets for it.

The crashed bus wasn’t big and had no windows in it. Its driver lost control on the road with dense forest from one side and a steep cleef from the other. As a result the vehicle crashed into the tree and turned over.

The witness said that the injured passengers had to wait for the ambulance for an hour and a half while an ambulance driver lost his way on the way back.

All the injured passengers are Russians. None of them got hurt seriously. One of the women broke her arm, while the others got only bruises.