OREANDA-NEWS. India has set a new anti-record for the quantity of new cases of COVID-19; over the previous day, 412.2 thousand new cases have been indicated in the country. This is reported by the Ministry of Health of India.

Another anti-record was the death toll from this infection - over the past day, 3,980 people died in India.

The country is currently in second place on the Earth in the number of registered cases of coronavirus. According to the latest information from the country's Ministry of Health, the total number of citizens with COVID in the state was more than 21 million. More than 17.2 million people have recovered, 230 thousand people have died from coronavirus and related diseases.

The rise in the number of cases in India has continued since mid-February, bringing the number of people treated for COVID-19 to more than 3.5 million. For more than two weeks in a row, the number of new cases has exceeded 300 thousand people per day - more than in any other country in the world, and has already exceeded 400 thousand twice.

According to the Ministry of Health, Maharashtra remains the leader among the states of the country in terms of the number of cases - over the past day, 57.6 thousand cases were detected here, in total more than 643 thousand people receive medical care in the state.

At the same time, the Ministry of Health noted that more than 162 million people were vaccinated against coronavirus in India, in the last day alone the number of vaccinated people increased by 1.9 million.