OREANDA-NEWS. In India the highest number of deaths from COVID-19 in the day since the start of the coronavirus pandemic has been registered. As the country's Ministry of Health reports, the number of deaths from coronavirus has increased by 6148.

According to the latest ministry data, since March last year, when the pandemic began in the country, the coronavirus has been detected in 29.1 million people, more than 27.6 million have recovered, more than 359 thousand have died, and the number of people receiving treatment has dropped to 1.1 million.

The increase in the number of cases is associated with the recount of deaths from coronavirus in Bihar state - a team of doctors formed there identified another 3,951 deaths from coronavirus during the second wave of the pandemic, which began in February and ended in May. Thus, the state of Bihar from the 17th place in terms of mortality among the states rose to 12th place. The investigation came after the Patna High Court demanded a reconsideration of the data amid media claims that the local government was hiding the exact death toll during the coronavirus pandemic.

However, the growth in cases of coronavirus in India for the third day in a row is less than 100 thousand people - over the past day, just over 94 thousand cases of the disease have been identified.

According to doctors, for two weeks now the number of cases of coronavirus in India does not exceed 200 thousand per day, which indicates a decline in the second wave of coronavirus.