OREANDA-NEWS Iranian Foreign Minister Javad Zarif accused Israel of sabotage at the Natanz nuclear facility. Tehran has promised to take revenge for this.

According to the diplomat, the Israeli side thus shows that it will not allow Iran to move forward in lifting the sanctions.

Iranian spokesman Said Khatibzadeh called the attack "an act of nuclear terrorism on Iranian soil". He added that the damaged centrifuges will be replaced with more advanced ones.

The Atomic Energy Organization of Iran said on April 11 that there was an accident in the electricity distribution network at the Natanz uranium enrichment plant. The underground centrifuges were de-energized. They may take about a year to recover.

According to sources in The New York Times, Israeli intelligence may be involved in the attack. The damage is said to have been caused by an explosion.

Israeli officials have not yet commented on the incident.