OREANDA-NEWS. Iran has made significant progress in its nuclear development. At the moment, he is one step away from creating his own nuclear bomb. On condition of anonymity, a senior representative of the US presidential administration, Joe Biden, told Reuters about this.

According to the source, only a few months separate Tehran from a breakthrough and obtaining a sufficient amount of enriched uranium. “Obviously, this is rather disturbing,” the spokesman said.

He revealed the topic of the meeting in Washington between US National Security Assistant Jake Sullivan and the head of the Israeli National Security Council Eyal Khulata. The source said the US will stick to a diplomatic solution to the Iranian nuclear issue. However, Washington is ready to use other methods to prevent the emergence of another state that manufactures and owns nuclear weapons.

“We are fully committed to ensuring that Iran never develops nuclear weapons,” an administration official said. He did not clarify whether it was about the use of military force.

Earlier, the United States refused to lift sanctions on Iran “in advance” pending an agreement to restart the nuclear deal. Then, a senior Washington administration official indicated that the parties look forward to resuming talks in Vienna on the return of the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA).