OREANDA-NEWSIran will continue to reduce its commitments in the nuclear deal under the Joint Comprehensive Action Plan on the Iranian nuclear program. This is the agency Tasnim, citing the Secretary of the Supreme National Security Council, Ali Shamkhani. Iran won't withdraw from the deal. “On the basis of paragraphs 26 and 36 of the joint comprehensive action plan, Iran will henceforth gradually reduce its commitments to counteract the unacceptable behavior of other parties, which serves exclusively the interests of one side”, said Shamkhani.

As he said in an interview with the Russian media, the second step to reduce commitments Iran will take in early July. Shamkhani also noted the successful experience of Iranian-Russian cooperation in the field of politics, defense and security in Syria. US President Donald Trump announced on June 8, 2018 the country's withdrawal from the nuclear deal, which was concluded in 2015. Under the terms of the deal, Iran pledged to reduce its stockpile of enriched uranium by 97% in exchange for canceling the lifting of UN Security Council sanctions and unilateral restrictive measures by the US and the EU.

On June 8, Tehran sent the ambassadors of Germany, Great Britain, China and Russia a notification of the decision to “suspend the fulfillment of certain obligations” on the nuclear deal. In particular, Iran won't abide by agreements to limit the supply of enriched uranium and heavy water (it's used in nuclear reactors). Other countries will have 60 days to fulfill their obligations in the banking sector and in the field of oil fields.

A joint comprehensive action plan on the Iranian nuclear program was adopted in July 2015 by Iran, the United States, Britain, France, Russia, China and Germany. The deal prohibits Iran from enriching uranium by more than 3.67%. Such uranium is used for nuclear power plants, but is not suitable for creating nuclear weapons.