OREANDA-NEWS. Russia can play a very significant role in the settlement of the Palestinian-Israeli conflict due to the fact that it has close contacts with both warring parties. This was stated on Monday by Iranian Ambassador to Moscow Kazem Jalali at an online conference.

He said: "We believe that Russia can play a very important role in this historical period of time, since it has contacts with resistance groups in Palestine, they come here. Russia also has good relations with Israel."

The Ambassador is confident that it is necessary to use every opportunity to stop the violence in the region and provide support to the Palestinian people. He remarked: "Of course, we must support the oppressed people of Palestine. These brutal killings, oppression and crimes against the Palestinian people must be prevented by whatever means at our disposal."

PNA Prime Minister Mohammed Shtaye said that Palestine intends to appeal to the UN General Assembly on Monday with a demand to adopt a resolution to end the Israeli aggression. "Today we will turn to the UN General Assembly so that it adopts a resolution to end the Israeli aggression," the prime minister said. According to him, "the UN Security Council has failed in condemning the Israeli attacks and their immediate suspension." He stressed that statements about the condemnation of the attacks are not enough, "punitive measures are needed against Israel."