OREANDA-NEWSThe detention of Russian citizen Yulia Yuzik is not related to the issue of espionage. This was announced on Monday at a press conference by an official representative of the Iranian government Ali Rabiya in response to a question from a Russian media correspondent.

"This issue isn't related to espionage activities", he said. As far as I know, the reason for the detention is related to the issue of obtaining a visa". Yuzik was arrested on October 2 in a Tehran hotel where she stayed. The embassy of the Russian Federation stated that the Russian woman did not inform the diplomatic mission about the difficulties associated with the seizure of her passport at the airport named after Imam Khomeini.

Yuzik worked as a reporter in several Russian media. Since 2003, she has been engaged in literary work and journalistic investigations. In 2003, a Russian woman released the book “Brides of Allah”, which was reprinted in nine countries. Then she wrote the book Beslan Dictionary. Russian journalist Julia Yuzik was arrested in Tehran. She flew to the capital of Iran on September 29 by private invitation.