OREANDA-NEWSIranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Jawad Zarif, in a special article written for the media, called the sanctions imposed by the United States in the context of the spread of coronavirus, medical terrorism.

According to him, Iran has a strong healthcare system, but due to illegal blocking by the United States of the republic’s financial sources, access to medicines and medical equipment becomes impossible", Zarif said.

"Anti-Iranian sanctions also prohibit the purchase of medicines and equipment by the Iranian government", the Iranian Foreign Minister said. "Restrictions in the banking and financial sectors imposed against Iran hit humanitarian goods purchases. European companies-manufacturers of medical equipment because of US threats they don’t trade with Iran or sell medical products to it".

"Now the time has come when the world community must play its real role so that its loud voice can be heard. The world community must come to its senses and help Iran to stop economic, medical and drug terrorism", the Iranian minister concluded.