OREANDA-NEWSThe United States does not have the right to evaluate the efforts of other states in the fight against terrorism, since they have a long history of financing and supporting extremists in the world. This opinion was expressed on Thursday by the official representative of the Iranian Foreign Ministry Abbas Mousavi.

"Having a history of the creation, financing and armament of various terrorist groups, examples of state terrorism and direct support of another terrorist regime, the position of the United States cannot be a good criterion for evaluating anti-terrorism efforts", he wrote on his Twitter page.

On Wednesday, the US State Department published a report stating that Venezuela, Iran, the DPRK, Cuba, and Syria are on the list of countries that allegedly don't sufficiently cooperate with Washington in the fight against terrorism. As a justification, the State Department mentioned, in particular, Iran’s ties with the Shiite organization Hezbollah and the Kataib Hezbollah group.